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Through Klaspad UK, Smart Awards and International Alliance of Certified Hospitality and Tourism Professionals, we have been providing professional certification in the field of academe, hospitality & tourism with partnering of Niche Advisors.

Certified Hyflex Course Developer (CHCD)

This training-workshop program aims to capacitate public and private school teachers from primary to higher education units on designing and delivering courses under a Hybrid pedagogical approach.

Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Technology System (CHTTS)

It aims to provide users with fundamentals of technology systems and their common functions via online delivery and hands-on workshop. Students can learn about the technologies used in the tourism and hospitality industry that has never been comprehensively covered in schools due to a lack of trained teachers and the right technology.

Certified Associates Hospitality/Tourism Professionals (CAHP/CATP)

These are designated certification credentials earned by individuals through a tested certification framework that verify competence in doing the work and knowledge in selected learning areas or primary certifications.

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